That which Transpires behind that which Appears

An immersive interaction


The Transpires exhibition and workshop showcases work by cinematographer Gerry McCullloch, design researcher Claire van Rhyn, and social sculptor Betsy McCall. A cross-institutional event, the exhibition brings together the Royal College of Art School of Communication and the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. The Transpires exhibition and workshop is hosted in the interdisciplinary Sonics Immersive Media Lab at Goldsmiths and forms part of the MCCS department’s 40th year anniversary celebrations. The event is further supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, London Doctoral Design Centre.


The Transpires exhibition and associated workshop highlight advances in communication and social design research and exploratory cinematographic methods. The show investigates pre-verbal communication, with a particular focus on bodied modes of interaction between individuals and groups. This joint exhibition juxtaposes the aesthetic dynamics of pre-verbal communication alongside research on the practical application of such bodied modes of communication. The workshop introduces a series of collaborative improvisational activities as a participatory means of exploring the communication of sameness and difference in groups.




Mirror 36

by Gerry McCulloch & Betsy McCall


Mirror 36 is a cinematic face bath in the form of an immersive projection-mapped art installation. A Mirror interaction dissolves boundaries of language, religion, politics, ethnicity, age, gender, socio-economic status and personal sovereignty. Through facilitated yet disciplined non-intervention, the artwork triggers us to locate ourselves in the diversity of 36 other people, while locating others in the diversity of ourselves.


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Communicating Change

by Claire van Rhyn


Communicating Change presents practice-led research in progress. It proposes the body as a crucial modality for supporting the communication of social change amongst members of a community. The applied practice developed through Communicating Change is an innovative cross-pollination between design and choreographic thinking. It applies a participatory awareness-based and body-led approach to investigating communication for social change in groups, with a particular focus on educational futures.



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Workshop | The body as modality for social change

with Claire van Rhyn


This interactive workshop introduces the research behind Communicating Change and offers participants the opportunity to try out some collaborative improvisation activities - such as the eye-contact game which originally inspired Mirror 36. These semi-structured games create simple 'ecologies' in which participants make decisions on how to situate their actions, by attending to the awareness of their own experience and that of others. Through a participatory body-led approach we will investigate the dynamics of social communication in groups.


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Gerry McCulloch


Gerry McCulloch is a cinematographer, photographer and visual artist. He convenes

the MA in Cinematography at Goldsmiths and teaches internationally on the subject of

pre-verbal narrative. Gerry can regularly

be found oscillating between involuntary

bouts of inarticulate competence and

articulate incompetence. His artworks adorn

the bathroom doors of his most indulgent

friends and admirers.


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Claire van Rhyn


Claire van Rhyn is a design researcher and educationalist. Her work investigates the body as mode of communication, with a focus on change efforts in school communities. Claire is assistant director for Shambhala Art in Europe and host workshops internationally.  She has researched social cognition with Universities of Cambridge, Exeter and Roehampton and is a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art funded by the AHRC’s London Doctoral Design Centre.


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Betsy McCall


Betsy McCall is a social sculptor and visual artist. Her paintings have been shown from San Francisco and New York to Amsterdam and Rome. In 2008, she founded the Art Monastery, an international arts organization dedicated to applying monastic practices to art-making, and has been hosting transformation ever since.  Betsy lives at Art Monastery Vermont.


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